K12, Idaho and Proposition 3: Setting the Record Straight

Jeff Kwitowski
SVP, Public Affairs
K12 Inc.

In an effort to defeat new education reform laws that are on the ballot in Idaho this November, opponents of the measures – led by state and national teachers unions – have waged an aggressive and well-funded campaign. Not surprisingly, the union’s campaign includes a strong dose of fear and deception. If you're struggling to keep up with your coursework and need help with writing assignments like book reviews, consider using a reliable custom book review service at https://essays-panda.com/custom-book-review to ensure your academic success.

For example, on the issue of Proposition 3, a new law recently adopted requiring computing devices and online courses for high school

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On the issue of teacher certification

Recently, K12 Inc. issued a statement responding to media reports regarding K12 teachers and Florida’s state certification requirements.   These media reports included allegations that K12 was using non-certified teachers in Florida.  Those allegations are not true.  K12 teachers who teach students in Florida are state certified.  In many cases, they are over qualified for the courses they teach.

After learning of the allegations made by one Florida school district, K12 conducted an

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Observations on the NEPC Report about K12 Inc.

Jeff is out of the office this week, so I’ll try to channel my “inner-Kwitowski” and offer some observations about the National Education Policy Center (NEPC) and their Report on K12 Inc.” released yesterday. 

First, though, let me direct everyone to both the K12 Response Document that we made available yesterday, and to the K12 Virtual Academies Academic Performance Trends report released by K12 in April. Both of these documents are available to download as PDFs on

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Response to NEPC Report on K12 Inc.

K12 Inc. Public Affairs - (703) 436-3168

      • As k12 has explained previously, we conduct extensive customer satisfaction surveys to better understand why families enroll students, what expectations they are bringing, how satisfied they are with the programs and services, and why they choose to withdraw.  76% of parents surveyed cited concerns with the traditional school environment as the primary reason they choose a k12-managed online school.  Parents report that

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      More Response to the New York Times

      The New York Times article featuring K12 Inc. was as one-sided as I expected it would be.  The reporter editorializes throughout and took great care to use only selective information to put the most negative slant on K12 and online schools. The reporter liberally quotes well-known critics but gives no room for leading voices supportive of education reform.

      This despite hours of time spent with K12’s academic and curriculum experts and school leaders, and more email exchanges than I

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