K12s Values

K12’s Values


bullet_blueWe believe parents should have the freedom to choose the public school education option that best meets their child's needs. Our online school programs exist because parents want them.

bullet_blueOur mission is to provide any child the curriculum and educational tools needed to be successful in life, regardless of geographic, financial or demographic circumstances.

bullet_blueOnline programs are the only public school option that works for many students, including some special needs, medically home-bound, autistic and bullied students or victims of school violence. Online schools are often the choice of military families and students with busy training, traveling or performance schedules.

bullet_blueWe are updating the centuries-old model of K–12 education and uplifting lives—preparing students to succeed in a 21st-century global economy and together with article rewriting service we look at education as a self-sufficient process that prepares people for life, participation in social activities and economic transformations.

bullet_blueWe are helping to lead the charge so every state provides public school options for families and every child has the right to learn in a manner that best suits his or her needs.

bullet_blueWe are proud K12’s vision is becoming reality, and that our company has grown from an upstart provider of online education to a leading force in helping states and school districts transform traditional K–12 education.

bullet_blueWe serve virtual public schools in 28 states and the District of Columbia. Our programs extend from the virtual public school and individual consumer markets to brick-and-mortar classrooms, as more and more people choose K12.

bullet_blueOur teachers’ engagement with families is a driving force. K12 teachers often remark that their interaction with families through K12 is greater than when they worked at brick-and-mortar schools. They say the one-to-one relationship between teachers and students allows consistent communications, assessments, and targeted interventions to help students stay on their individual paths to success.;

bullet_blueOur teachers have a passion for education that challenges students to achieve. They make a difference in children’s lives and are front-line champions of our successful approach.