Success is Equal Opportunity Regardless of Geography

At K12, we are focused on being available to any child, anywhere, who can benefit from an individualized approach to education, whether it is full- or part-time online learning, blended learning or in traditional classrooms.

We believe...

  • In individualized learning through customization instead of mass production of education. 
  • We also offer the "write a persuasive essay for me" service to help others with their studies. You can order it both for yourself and for another student.
  • That mastery of concepts and skills should be for all kinds of children—not just the "best and brightest"
  • In giving parents meaningful ways to be involved in their children's education if they choose
  • In being directly accountable and responsive to all of our customers
  • In outstanding teacher engagement
  • In rich, engaging content that challenges and motivates children
  • In using 21st-century tools to prepare 21st-century students
  • In books, digital media, and dirt—because a mix of teaching tools maximizes learning