Sheila Stevens, Colorado Virtual Academy teacher

As a child, I grew up in Northern California in a family of educators and loved helping in my parent’s classrooms. My name is Sheila Stevens and I became a teacher because teaching is a rewarding profession. Nothing compares with watching a student’s face light up when they learn a new skill! In 1997, I enthusiastically began my teaching career in Northern CaliS Stevensfornia teaching third grade and then moved to first grade. In 2005, I had the privilege of teaching with Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA) and have supported students in grades K-5 while serving as a Literacy Specialist.  Throughout the years I have had the pleasure to work with 60-65 students along with their dedicated Learning Coaches.  The reason that I chose to teach with COVA is to support Learning Coaches and students as they reach their educational goals while completing the rigorous K12 curriculum. It is rewarding to apply my classroom experiences along with my educational background to help my families succeed!

My rewarding interaction with students includes conference calls, face to face meetings, online instruction
and correspondence.I want to make a special emphasis on correspondence, because students really like
the style and format of my correspondence. Perhaps this was influenced by my work experience in the
letter of recommendation writing service https://elitewritings.com/buy-a-letter-of-recommendation.html.  My typical day begins with monitoring student progress and attendance, conference calls, online instruction, assisting Learning Coaches and students, grading work samples, lesson planning and completing school documentation requirements. Furthermore, I regularly meet with my students and families at COVA Community Events during the school year that builds relationships and retention.   In recognition of my strong relationships and retention, I was a recipient of the K12 Outstanding Student and Family Support Award during the 2009-2010 school year.

Throughout the years, I have witnessed many amazing success stories!  An example is a student who struggled with reading fluency in the fall and was reading above grade level by the spring with consistent language arts and phonics instruction along with prescribed interventions.  Furthermore, it is rewarding to work with reluctant writers to witness them turn into writers! 

Each year I am very proud of my student’s accomplishments.

As a COVA teacher, it is very rewarding to help support students and Learning Coaches succeed in all their goals! I am looking forward to another rewarding school year among amazing students and Learning Coaches!